Cricut QuickSwap Tools Advanced Bundle

Cricut QuickSwap Tools Advanced Bundle

  • Model: Cricut033280
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Already have a QuickSwap Housing? This bundle of 3 compatible tips will exponentially broaden your project potential and expand the possibilities of your Cricut Maker! This bundle lets you engrave, score flawless creases, and cut wavy decorative edges on a wide variety of materials. Just snap your tip of choice into your QuickSwap Housing and tell your Cricut Maker to go! The quick-release button makes changing tips simple, fast, and foolproof. Bundle includes: Wavy Blade Tip to add whimsical wavy edges to any design, Engraving Tip for all-purpose engraving on a variety of materials, and Double Scoring Wheel Tip for flawless creases on thick materials. Tips only. QuickSwap Housing sold separately.


  • Includes Wavy Blade Tip, Engraving Tip & Double Scoring Wheel Tip
  • Versatile selection of QuickSwap compatible tips broadens your project potential
  • For Cricut Maker only
  • Requires QuickSwap Housing (sold separately)
  • Wavy Blade Tip for decorative edges on a variety of materials
  • Double-Scoring Wheel Tip makes clean creases in thick materials
  • Engraving Tip for professional-looking engraving