Cricut QuickSwap Tools Everything Bundle

Cricut QuickSwap Tools Everything Bundle

  • Model: Cricut033283
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It's the whole she-bang! Expand the possibilities of your Cricut Maker with the versatile QuickSwap Housing and our most robust selection of compatible tips. Engrave, deboss, perforate, cut wavy decorative edges, and score flawless creases on a wide variety of materials to exponentially broaden your project potential. Just snap your tip of choice into your QuickSwap Housing and tell your Cricut Maker to go! The quick-release button makes changing tips simple, fast, and foolproof. Bundle includes: Wavy Blade Tip to add whimsical wavy edges to any design, Perforation Blade Tip to create finely perforated lines on any design for a wide range of projects, Debossing Tip for adding flourishes with incredible amounts of intricacy, Engraving Tip for all-purpose engraving on a variety of materials, Scoring Wheel Tip for crisp creases in a single pass, Double Scoring Wheel Tip for flawless creases on thicker materials, and QuickSwap Housing that lets you interchange all these tips with ease.


  • Includes Single Scoring Wheel Tip, Double Scoring Wheel Tip, Engraving Tip, Perforation Blade Tip, Debossing Tip & QuickSwap Housing
  • QuickSwap Housing allows for fast, easy changing of tips
  • Versatile selection of QuickSwap compatible tips broadens your project potential
  • For Cricut Maker only
  • Perforation Blade Tip creates clean, easy-to-tear perforations
  • Debossing Tip lets you embellish projects in intricate detail
  • Single Scoring Wheel Tip allows for clean creases in a single pass
  • Double Scoring Wheel Tip makes clean creases on thick materials
  • Engraving Tip for professional-looking engraving
  • Wavy Blade Tip for decorative edges on a variety of materials